When we are feeling positive emotions like love, peace and compassion our DNA responds by relaxing and unwinding its strands, and this strengthens our immune system.

It is your perception that tells the brain which types of chemicals to release.

When you are feeling positive emotions such as joy, gratitude and love your brain floods the body with dopamine, endorphins and other beneficial chemicals. These “happy hormones” travel through the blood to all of your cells instructing the DNA to activate genes that strengthen your immune system and keep you healthy. By contrast, when your perception causes you to feel stressed or fearful the brain releases “Flight or Fight” chemicals such as cortisol and adrenaline. These stress hormones instruct the DNA to choose genes that shut your body down in order to prepare it for danger. This weakens your immune system causing physical problems and illness.

Thus our perceptions create much of the chemical environment that activates our genes, but the story does not end there. The latest research has shown that every emotion that you have sends vibrations throughout your body, and these vibrations also influence which of your genes will be activated. Emotions that are linked to fear and stress activate genes that lead to illness while those associated with joy and peace promote good health. Once again it is your perception, as reflected in your emotions, which creates the vibrations that affect the behavior of your genes.

Interesting proof of how this works comes from scientific studies which have shown that our DNA actually changes shape according to the way we feel. When we are feeling positive emotions like love, peace and compassion our DNA responds by relaxing and unwinding its strands, and this strengthens our immune system. However, when we have negative feelings such as fear, anger or hate our DNA contracts and tightens thus weakening the immune system. What is really amazing is that these effects occur even when your DNA is separated from your body. In recent experiments DNA samples were taken from the people being tested and brought to another location some distance away. The participants were then exposed to emotional stimuli and their DNA in the distant location reacted instantly – opening when their emotions were positive, and contracting when they were negative. The vibrations created by your emotions are so powerful, and so connected to your DNA, that they cause it to react even when separated from your body by a great distance. Think about that the next time you get angry!

For over 60 years we have been led to believe that we are powerless victims who must meekly accept the genetic cards that we have been dealt, but those days are over. Merely having the gene related to some illness or condition does not mean that we will suffer that fate because genes by themselves cannot initiate changes in our bodies. Epigenetics has empowered us with the knowledge that our thoughts and feelings, as colored by our perceptions, have a great influence on which genes will be activated. This means that we are the co-creators of our own health with the power to affect the behavior of our genes simply by transforming our perceptions. Every moment presents us with the opportunity to make conscious choices that can shape our physical reality, and when we choose to fill our thoughts and feelings with positive emotions our bodies respond with vibrant health and vitality.

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