The field of energy of the Heart, is a mirror, it reflects the feelings of what we are experiencing in the moment.

Not some day, not very soon, but NOW.

This is a very subtle and powerful detail.

What we choose to experience in our lives, we must feel in our hearts as if it is already happened.

This is how the tribe people, aboriginal, shamans, etc… create rain, create healing, etc…

The feelings from our hearts affects the physical world.

1- Human DNA has a direct effect on our physical world.

2- Emotions have an effect on our DNA. That is changing the physical world.

Because there is a field that connects all. An invisible web of energy. The divine Matrix. In the universe, there is not “empty space”, the space is filled with filaments of energy connecting everything.

The divine Matrix is the pure space where all things begin.

It is: a container; a bridge between  our inner world  and the outer world; a mirror

To unleash the power of this Divine Matrix, we must learn to speak the langage, the emotions, that this field speaks.

The entire universe lives in every cell of our body.

When we choose Peace in our hearts, in the langage that the Matrix recognises, Peace MUST HAPPEN.

In the experiment, the healing HAS ALREADY happened in the hearts of the 3 practitioners, they feel the gratitude for that healing, and the physical world can only mirror those beliefs, and the lady can be healed form her tumour!

Very few people can create a lot of change in this world very quickly,  if they understand the langage that the field recognises.

The great spiritual mystery.

Something that we do in our lives triggers a process in our bodies, that interacts with the forces of creation and affects our physical world.

It is technology, not miracles.

Science says:

Heart based feeling and emotion changes DNA in our bodies,  when the DNA changes it produces a quantum effect that affects our physical world.

We must learn how to create coherent emotion, to be able to change our physical world.

We have a Responsibility. We participate in the unfolding of our reality. We don’t control or manipulate it, but we share in it.

Consciousness can be measured. It shows that it starts a day before the actual event (like on the  9/11th).

The field is holographic, it is entangled, with its filaments.

It can be described as a net, a web of energy. (The Buddhist creator of the world says: thew great web of Indra )

In our Judéo-Christian tradition, it used to be in our texts as well,  until 325 AD, when those texts were edited and we lost much information. The emperor Constantin, in the early Christian bible, had to decide which info to include and exclude.  At least 45 books were taken away, or tremendously edited, until our actual Bible.

As a result, we lost the information that was telling us that All is connected!

Extract of :The Divine Matrix, a talk with Gregg Braden.