In all religions / philosophies, the true spirituality always points in the direction of liberation.

Liberation is the goal of humans while they are alive.                   

But liberation from what ?

Liberation from the suffering in life, between birth and death.

We become free when we detach ourselves from the personality / identity that we cling on, so unconsciously!

When identity dissolves and selfishness vanishes, we are returning to the truth that is expressed with love. We then stop the pursuit of the illusion that satisfies the identity.

But to disconnect from our identity is a complex process.    


One possible path, is the path of suffering, until the collapse of the identity.

And this is quite a dangerous path…

Another way is to choose a spiritual journey of disconnecting from the self, and even then, the result is not  assured.

And there are those, for whom revelation just happens.

Most people will loose their identity after their last breath, when the brain stops working and the soul detaches from the body.

And the cycle of life will continue for many reincarnations.

Only when one realises what one really is, while still living in the body, can one experience what liberation is.

Your path is what you need to go through. It is not a choice.

Unless you ignore an inner voice.

If you feel that voice guiding you, follow it, for it is your purpose.

As the gate opens and Full consciousness is present, the mind is quiet.

And you are not a female, or a male.

Nor a dad or a mom. Not Asian or American. Not black, not white; not a boss or a worker …

It is all an illusion. You are nothing.

At the moment the mind realises it, it brings up fear.

As all your life the mind has worked on creating your identity, and suddenly it is about to lose it all.

So it strikes, with its most powerful feeling: FEAR.

Many people, at this stage, allow the mind to return to build the identity.

It is done mostly unconsciously.

It is important to be aware of the tricks of the mind and return to consciousness.

Accept the nothing we all are, because real freedom and peace are only possible through being nothing.

We are born and we die as nothing.

Try to be nothing during your life, so you will be ALIVE.

You will be free, you will be happy.

Actually, you will not be “you”!

That is the liberation of the Self.