The mind is an incredible gift, and the worst curse that we humans have received. 

If we use the mind as a tool, then we can create incredible things. From planning a working day, or a trip, to building a house or a bridge. 

At its worst the Mind is telling us who we are: with our identity, our ego, our characters, our story, etc…

With separation. 

He creates a complete blockage for the feeling of what is the meaning of no-mind. 

Literally it is impossible to understand this point  because understanding is thinking – and thinking is mind ! 

Most people are totally believing that they are so and so.

We have a name. 

We have words for everything. 

We have an image.

We think everything about all things, we analyse according to this mind. 

Whilst all that there is really, is an insane mind.  

A total illusion. 

Now you read this text and think: am I insane?

Then you, that is actually your mind, say something to protect your identity, your character, your self image. 

Which is your ego .

The main problem is that to cross the barrier that the mind creates, you really, Really,  need to “die”, metaphorically, you need to surrender completely !

Without experiencing this, you cannot ” innerstand” this .

Thousands words has been written  about it .

Spiritual teachers talk about this issue from all directions. 

But most cannot realise themselves without this insane  mind. 

I’m giving up talking about this issue  

Also giving up listening to other people’s thoughts.

I really sometimes feel  to sit in joy under a tree, or In a cave for the rest of my Physical life. 

I see that this concept of teaching have to be done without talking  .

With silence , in Consciousness.

As words are food for the mind. 

By Kobi.