Opale in eka pada dhanurasana on round stone in country side in Ibiza

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The Yoga taught by Opale explores the sequences of Vinyasa Yoga, but the foundation of the practice is based on the technique of Sukhita Yoga, the Yoga of Joy. A method of Yoga that incorporates the tools of mindfulness into the practice of Asanas, which emphasizes on centering, grounding and our attitude during the practice.

Sukhita Yoga is a new, very inspiring method of yoga, which opens a new path and gives a new dimension to the practice. Created by Hugh Poulton and Sarah Haden, Sukhita Yoga places our ability to “softly listen” at the heart of the practice.
“The stiffest muscle is the one between our ears” (meaning our mind), Hugh always says. Our mental attitude affects our response in the body, to a difficult Asana, for example. Can we smile through practice and find joy in each breath?

The transitions between Asanas are as important as the Asanas. We learn to know where to place our attention, to feel grounded and light at the same time. We learn to gently use our core to relieve tension in the body; moving from our center like the dancers to let the body express its natural sense of balance, and free our movements. We learn to stay centered, grounded and relax our mind; to flow in life, as in our practice, with more ease and support.

The classes are suitable for all levels, from the most beginners to the most experienced, who have been practicing Yoga for a few years.
The method of Sukhita Yoga, still little known in France, will benefit everyone.

Opale is an experienced and professional Yoga teacher. She has been giving Yoga and Pilate classes for individuals as well as for groups since 2005. She offers Yoga classes in complete safety and for all levels of experience, from beginners to the most experienced.

From 25th of September 2023 Opale is teaching:

Yoga above the biocoop in Saint-Girons

From 25th of Sept 2023, Opale will teach Yoga at the Biocoop of Saint-Girons (09200).

  • Mondays from 16h30 to 18h Power Sukhita Flow Yoga.
  • Tuesdays from 12h15 to 13h45: Sukhita flow Yoga and Pelvic floor.

Discover the unique method of Sukhita Yoga, integrating tools of Mindfulness Meditation into the physical Yoga practice, for all levels of experience!

Prices:  1 class: 15€, 1o classes: 110€

If you want to go deeper into the understanding of the Yoga Asanas, or if you want to work on a particular physical issue, respecting your injury, or get a unique composition of a Self Practice Program, you are welcome to get in touch with Opale and book your private Yoga lesson at your home.

A your home (around Saint-Girons) prix for a 1h15 private lesson: 45€, 10 classes voucher: 400€