Opale in baddha utthita trikonasana in Ibiza variation

The stiffest muscle is the one in your head

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Did you know that the stiffest muscle of your body is in your mind?
We are mostly limited by our mind. By learning to ease and relax your mind you will find freedom in your body and flow with lightness in your practice. Learn a unique approach which integrates the tools of Mindfulness into the physical practice of Yoga for ALL LEVELS!

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Vinyasa flow Yoga

Vinyasa Flow is a dynamic and flowing Yoga using free body sequencing, in movement or in stasis. Guided by the rhythm of each breath, deep and conscious it becomes one big flowing sequence done with awareness and joy, a moving meditation.

This approach includes many variations of Asanas. The use of different variations of postures permits to go deeper into the final Asana and allows a precise understanding from a new point of view. Each Yoga session will go deeper into the flow and will be different.

With a practical step by step program, you will practice a wide variety of Asanas, learn to correct your alignment, guided by hands-on adjustments from the teacher.

In a week’s time, you will feel taller, built up stamina and a stable core strength. You will learn to release tensions and practice with tranquility and ease.

Sukhita flow Yoga

The sequences taught by Yoga are inspired by the Vinyasa Yoga, but the foundation of the practice is based on the technique of Sukhita Yoga, the Yoga of Joy. A method of Yoga that integrates the tools of mindfulness into the practice of Asanas, which emphasizes on grounding, centering and our inner state, throughout the practice.

Sukhita Yoga is a very inspiring new method of yoga, which opens a new path and gives a new dimension to the practice. Created by Hugh Poulton and Sarah Haden, Sukhita Yoga places our ability to “listen quietly” at the heart of the practice.

“The stiffest muscle is the one between our ears” (meaning our mind), Hugh often says. Our mental attitude affects our response in the body, facing a challenging Asana, for example. Can we smile through practice and find joy in each breath, each mouvement?

The transitions between the Asanas are as important as the Asanas. We learn to know where to place our attention, to feel grounded and light at the same time. We learn to gently use our core to relieve tension in the body; moving from our center like the dancers to let the body express its natural sense of balance, and free our movements. We learn to stay centered, grounded and relax our mind; to flow in life, as in our practice, with more ease and support.

The classes are suitable for all levels, from the most beginners to the most experienced, who have been practicing Yoga for a few years.

The method of Sukhita Yoga, still unknown, will benefit everyone.

Suitable for all: the classes are designed in such a way that both the beginners and the regular practitioners will benefit from the Yoga course. Suitable variations are always proposed along the way.

As the days will pass, the rhythm of the class and the number of the Asanas will increase. But each student is invited to keep listening to the energy of the moment, practicing within their own body’s limitations, with no expectations of what could (or could not) be done before.

Opale is very attentive at the correct placement of your body in the posture, to avoid pain and physical problems caused by improper alignment. She considers the practice of Yoga as an essential tool to cure oneself.

Yoga schedule

Dharana: keeping your attention on a single place. Your physical practice is a meditation in motion.

Introduction to the breathing technique, Udhjaï Breath, and how to use the Bandhas. And how to initiate the movements from the Bandhas, applied to flowing Vinyasas and simple Asanas

Santosa: satisfaction and contentment, to be at peace with the experience you are living.

Introduction to the tools of Mindfulness and how to integrate them in our Yoga practice, and further ahead in our daily life.

Introduction to the correct placement of the weight on the feet. Emphasis on the foundation of the Standing Asanas, and where to place the mind’s attention.

Ahimsa: non-violence towards yourself. Treating your body with kindness and respect.

Emphasis on energizing back bending Asanas, and how to release tensions in the lower back. Preparation for Urdva Danurasana, the upward bow pose.

Pratyahara: traveling inwards deeper, towards our inner space,  with the practice of Yin Yoga and Yoga Nidra. Emphasis on letting go and surrendering, with forward bends and hips opening Asanas.

Tapas: intense practice, burning the impurities to make space for the positive change. Practice of a cleansing technique, the full expression of Udyana Bandha. And bringing together all the hints of the week’s teachings.

IN EACH CLASS, you will practice:

  • PRANAYAMA: with various breathing exercises you will learn to raise your awareness of the Here and Now.
  • Mindfulness MEDITATION, where you will be invited to observe the different mind states, and to create an aware connection between your body and your mind.
  • ASANAS, standing, sitting and lying postures, to tone and stretch your body, working on both your stamina and flexibility. All Asanas will be practiced from a Mindfulness approach point of view, integrating the tools of Mindfulness into the practice of the postures and the flowing transitions between them.
  • PILATES exercises to strengthen your abdominals, your back, and gluteus,
  • INVERTED Asanas, to shoot and calm your nervous system, done with warns and care.
  • Deep and guided RELAXATION.