Opale in supta virasana saddle Yin YOga pose 2 2

Emotions are scary and not accepted in our so-called “civilized” society.

For most people, “managing their emotions” means finally being able to tame and control them, especially to no longer feel them!

Yet it is when one represses and denies one’s emotions that they take power and exert negative control over our lives.
Violence and intolerance come from fears denied and from unidentified frustration. Depression, from an inability to express anger. Anxiety, too much emotional repression.
Emotions do not arise in our lives without reason, they have a function.

There is no “good” or “bad” emotion. Each emotion has useful information to share with us about our experiences. And is here for us, to deal with situations.

That is why learning to accept and express your feelings is the first step towards awareness and power.
Managing your emotions does not mean controlling and fighting them, but on the contrary, knowing how to welcome them and taking into account the message they convey.
By accepting our feelings, and listening to them, we can learn to use them in a positive way. We can make them our allies and they can serve us, rather than enslave us, empower us rather than hinder us, or even paralyze us.
We take the bar of our life fully and serenely, rather than being subjected to the fluctuations of our feelings.
We can use them to assert ourselves, to act.

Let’s use our anger to draw the line, to assert ourselves.
Our sadness for compassion, sharing, and getting us closer to each other.
Our fear to act, to surpass us.
Our joy to radiate and rekindle the flame of others around us.

Check the book by Clinton Galahan: Good night feelings. To share with your children.