Take a deep breath, a long breath.

Look at the breath. Feel it, just the Breath, because there is nothing but her.

And there, from the emptiness behind the breath, there is a pure soul, free from all thoughts.  

She is you, a refined you in purity and holiness.

You are connected to Love and Kindness.

Then, when all is quiet, don’t do anything. 

In this state, the Truth will reveal itself to you. 

Stay there now.

Within stillness we guide the body to the soul .

Between two poles we live.

Between fear and love.

Die to the fear, so love will be the path of your life.

The discovery of all that you naturally are, will be your treasure.

You will find it, with the confidence of the true Self.

You will feel that there is nothing to hide anymore, as nature doesn’t hide.

Go inside, as deep as there is no more “I”. 

No name, no self, no illusion. 

Inside, until you feel you are home.

Home is the place where you are true .

Where your soul is the driving energy that guides you .

Where your heart is open with love to anyone and anything. 

Go inside so deep, that life and death are equal. 

You will encounter Peace.

In this space within us, stillness gives peace.

A peace, along with a nothingness, keeps us there.

There, we wonder in bliss, with angels we dance, with God we melt.

That God, that is in everything, the One that connects us to the Source.

In this sacred space, no words are necessary. 

The bliss, the joy and the love are all there. 

You just can’t wish for more.

No language to activated the mind. 

No words to label the creation. 

No words to give identity. 

A wonderful sacredness, that connects all to One .

By K.